Privacy & Design

Being designerly is all about thinking, feeling and acting like a designer. One designerly behavior is being an advocate for your users, who are not always in the room when design decisions that impact them are being made.

Ethical design takes care that the user is not at a disadvantage when it comes to privacy and security - two big technology-related issues facing users today. Simply put, privacy gives the user control over their information, and security safeguards that information. But as you and I know, it is commonplace to hear about technology that misuse user information - covert or overt. Phones and the apps on the phones are a big culprit - but there are companies like OSOM that are working to fix that (news section). And if you're buying a smart device (yes, even that talking coffee maker) head over to the Feature to see what's at risk. There's no need to be afraid, but it pays to be aware...

A few other links about UX that will affect us (soda bottles design), logo trends, rebranding America, and some useful tools.










Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving this week (which is why this is out a few days early), and I'm thankful that we've come this far and recent news seems to show a light at the end of the 2020 pandemic tunnel.

I'm looking for feedback, of the brutally honest kind, so this can improve over time. You can reach me at lycerejo (at) gmail.com - thank you!

Look for another issue in about two weeks...

Happy Thanksgiving!